Internet Services

Point to Multi-Point Microwave:

Microwave point-to-point service does not require a land line of any kind. The speed packages range from 2mb to as fast as 1gb. It consists of a point to point dish mounted at your location that connects to a local tower. An on-site set up is required. We require the customer provide a wireless router and first 2 months of service paid at time of install.

Call 775-847-4000 x1 for quotes.


Broadband service uses a phone line and wall jack to bring internet into your home/office to a modem/router combo unit. The speeds range from 1.5mb to 75mb for asynchronous packages and up to 1gb x 1gb for synchronous packages (depending on location and distance from the junction boxes). A modem/router and on-site set up is required with a 1 year agreement and first 2 months paid at time of install.

Call 775-847-4000 x1 for quotes.

Ready to make the switch?

Just call our office and we will do a survey which will confirm what services are available for you.
Depending on the service answers can take from a few hours to a couple of business days.
It is not uncommon for us to be able to provide service where otherwise none would be available.
No ISP in Northern Nevada has a broader offering for connectivity.
We will do our best to help you as we have been doing for 20 plus years.

What makes us better?

We offer faster service for high-speed access and our customer service is local.

We offer on-site setup of your service and provide internet support for both Windows & Mac computers.

Locally-owned & operated and 20 years of experience.

Having some trouble?

Why not give these few steps a try and see if you can fix your issue yourself.

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