Self Help Section

Email Configuration

The email service we provide is compatible with POP3 or IMAP setups and can be accessed directly through an email client program (outlook, windows live mail, mac mail, thunderbird) or via our simple to use web interace. We recommend using an email client over the web interface because the server has a limited storage capacity that is far smaller than your computer's harddrive. Also if the server is ever having issues such as an attack, it's primary goal is to remain up and running. In doing so, it will clear out older emails in accounts to make room and even shrink accounts in size. This can lead to stored emails on the websystem to be lost. The webmail is not a permanent email system.

Also we do not recommend IMAP settings. IMAP is designed for business environments with large storage or those who are experienced with how IMAP works. It syncs mail on the server and multiple devices that oftentimes leads to the server inbox getting filled up and not allowing new mail to come in. POP3 is the preferred choice for most average users.

To set up email in an email client program, use the following settings in this link: EMAIL SETUP

With all the different mail clients in use and multiple operating systems, we cannot give support for setting up and installing your email account. This is the responsibility of the owner and their IT person. We will provide support for issues that are due to the server and internet connection if it is ours.

General Support:

Broadband modems will come preprogrammed. Wireless Routers are customer supplied but are programmed by the tech at time of setup with specific settings. NEVER push reset buttons on your router unless a Preferred Network Tech tells you to do so. Broadband modems can be reset but call support before doing so if you are unclear which is which.

If you have connection problems or speed issues, the first thing to do is to unplug JUST the power cables from your modem and/or router if you have one, and let them sit for 2 minutes. Then plug them back in and test your connection once they've synced back up. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you can reset the labeled modem for dsl and broadband service. DO NOT reset your own personal router.

You can call our tech support number @ 775-847-4000 x2 if you are on our Microwave Service.

If you are a Broadband or DSL customer, please call 775-884-3202.

Ready to make the switch?

Just call our office and we will do a survey which will confirm what services are available for you.
Depending on the service answers can take from a few hours to a couple of business days.
It is not uncommon for us to be able to provide service where otherwise none would be available.
No ISP in Northern Nevada has a broader offering for connectivity.
We will do our best to help you as we have been doing for 20 plus years.

What makes us better?

We offer faster service both for dial up & high-speed access and our customer service is local.

We offer on-site setup of your service and provide internet support for both Windows & Mac computers.

Locally-owned & operated and 20 years of experience.