Point-to-Multi-Point High Speed Microwave

Need fast internet but live outside the standard infrastructure (phone/cable) zones?
Need more speed than your current wired service can get?
Want an internet connection that has no tie ins to the infrastructure?

Preferred Networks has a solution for you!

We offer microwave point to multi-point internet service.
Speed is dependent on location and geography.

Using the latest microwave technology, we are able to give customers high speed internet via a dish that connects to a local tower.

These units are small and mount on your roof or side of building that beam your internet from a local tower.

The coverage area is constantly expanding as Preferred Networds installs more towers to reach both urban and rural areas in Northern Nevada. (although with Nevada's mountains we will still need to test your location first)

Pricing is based on speed and your location.
Please call our sales dept. today for more details.
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